Kindness Journey – Day 118 – Adjusting to a new routine

Much like the change in the seasons, life has a way of changing all around us. As we’ve settled into the new apartment in Richmond, things are becoming more routine at last.

The new place is slightly smaller than the last apartment, but we’re managing just fine. We’ve tossed old items we no longer used or needed before we moved to cut back on the clutter. The new apartment looks and feels like home at last.

One benefit here is the proximity of everything we need. At the old apartment, it was a five-mile drive to the nearest grocery store. Here, we are less than a half-mile from a huge supermarket that carries practically everything we need. We have cut back our travel expenses tremendously since we moved.

Of course, we’ve managed to find a new favorite neighborhood restaurant. Although it isn’t fancy, it is clean, and the food is delicious. Their specialty is Italian food, but they have a little bit of everything.

We’ll see how things work out at this location. If they are satisfactory, we might consider buying a house; if not, we’ll move again. The decision shouldn’t be an easy one, but within a month of our moving here, a new management company took over the complex. We are not impressed by them. Since our lease is 15 months, we have plenty of time to see how well we like the area overall and then find a realtor to work with us.

On the immediate personal front, I am still preparing my podcast. Whenever I think I’ve planned for everything, something new interrupts me. I’m not giving up; I’m just adjusting my timetable to the right. I’m sure that the latest headache, literally from ragweed allergies and sinus congestion, will pass soon. I don’t want to be clearing my throat every 15 seconds and sounding like a choking goose the rest of the time.