Kindness Journey – Day 116 – Evolution and Social Darwinism. The Religious BullShit approach

Isn’t it funny how the religious mind operates? Especially the fundamentalist religious minds. They scream about the evil of Evolution because god supposedly created everything, yet its somehow blameless for all the trouble in the world. These same people willingly embrace the theories of Social Darwinism, that is the unfounded belief that one group of people is somehow magically superior to another (they always seem to be in the superior group) due to some god-dependent viewpoint.

Poverty is a prime example of how these people think. If someone is prosperous, it means that they must be “right with god”, because only the god can provide prosperity to the faithful. Conversely, if someone is poor, it muse be because of some moral failing because poor people aren’t favored by god. This completely insane reasoning and self-justification is why evangelicals support trump so ferociously. The strange part is the god only makes a brief appearance in a supporting role for these people when they endorse rump.

Just another example of why I’m glad to be an Atheist.

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