Kindness Journey – Day 113 – Silence is still Golden

I believe that the hardest lesson I’ve learned on my Kindness Journey is that Silence is still Golden.

I was taught to speak my mind as a child, and that sense of self-confidence carried through into adulthood. I never hesitated to let people know my opinion if something interested me.

I never stopped to think about how these actions were hurting me. I wasn’t making friends, I was making enemies, or at least people who didn’t want anything to do with me.

I built myself a nice echo chamber, one where the only voice I heard was my own. After I was incredibly lucky enough to meet Hal and not immediately drive him away, I continued to keep other people at a distance through my constant desire to make my opinion heard.

I can sit and meditate and reflect in silence now without worrying about others hearing my opinion. Silence is Golden, and Silence starts with me.

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