Kindness Journey – Day 108 – Appreciation

Hal The Cat has had a rough year. He was diagnosed with cancer after we found a lump on his neck earlier this year. We took him to the vet before we moved and they diagnosed him with Mast Cell Disease, a type of cancer.

The poor guy has lost weight and has small to mediocre size bumps along his back. We tried chemotherapy, but that simply made him dicky, so we took him to a holistic vet, and she prescribed a mix of herbs based on ancient Chinese medicine. Hal The Cat has responded well to the treatment. He still has his bad days, but they aren’t as often.

We know that our time with Hal The Cat is growing short, but we don’t know an exact timeframe. We pay extra attention to him every day to let him know how much he means to us. We are taking the time to appreciate Hal The Cat, and we want to keep appreciating him for many more years.

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