Kindness Journey- Day 107 – Minor tragedy

Friday night, I was enjoying a slice of pizza when I felt something lodged between my teeth. I grabbed some dental floss and dislodged the piece of pizza. Unfortunately, I also dislodged a filling. It was an old filling, it was at least 20 years old. Thankfully, there wasn’t any pain, and I immediately checked through my dental insurance and attempted to schedule a Saturday appointment to replace the filling, or simply remove the tooth.

Sadly, I got no response to my request for a Saturday appointment. A professional thing would have been for them to at least contact me and say they were all booked and couldn’t see me that day. It doesn’t matter now because here on Monday morning I have to make a trip to get sone loose ends tied up, and I won’t be able to schedule an appointment.

I’ll try contacting other dentists tomorrow. Thankfully, my tooth seems totally numb to the filling no longer being there. I’m doing my best to keep the hole clean via water flossing. If nothing else can be done, I’ll just have the tooth removed.

I’ll just say that I’m proud to be an Atheist and leave it at that. Duke volleyball player says BYU was slow to respond to racist slurs – Chicago Sun-Times

“No athlete, regardless of their race should ever be subject to such hostile conditions,” said Rachjel Richardson, the only Black starter on the Blue Devils team.
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