Kindness Journey – Day 105 -Time to get started working on my podcast

I finally got my Rodecaster Pro 2 set up and now I will experiment with it for a few days while I develop a script for my first podcast. I don’t plan on using any special effects for the first few episodes, that can come later once I am proficient and confident in my abilities.

It feels good to finally have things set up at last. I still have lots to learn about the Rodecaster Pro 2, but I have all the time in the world to take advantage of its capabilities. My initial goal is to produce a 15-minute old cast for submission to Apple and other platforms.

I find that time-boxing my podcast helps a lot. If I split the episode into smaller segments I can then determine how long to spend on each subject area before moving along. This prevents me from getting bogged down in one section and losing my entire train of thought. Time-boxing also lets me practice my delivery and trains me to avoid things like saying “ummm” during a sentence.

A friend asked why I bought the Rodecaster Pro 2 preamp and I told her that I want my podcast to sound as professional as possible. If the sound quality on a podcast is bad, that is what the listener will remember more tha anything else you say.

Actually, I’m really enjoying myself as things start to come together.

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