Kindness Journey – Day 102 -Thanks, Wil Wheaton

Occasionally, Kindness seems far away from me. I find myself ready to revert back to my old ways, to basically be a dick online. The world is screwed up enough without any additional help from me. Any smart ass comments or blog posts I write won’t really help improve the situation. I might think I feel clever for a while, but then I realize that I did nothing worthwhile.

Wil Wheaton used to post online with the phrase “Don’t be a Dick!” These are actually very wise words. I can’t say for certain that his phrase led me to explore Kindness, but they certainly lingered in the back of my mind, or else I wouldn’t be writing this blog post now.

I still have strong opinions about the world. I am still learning to respond with Kindness instead of blind rage and fury. I suppose that the first indication that I’m succeeding is that I no longer use smarmy nicknames for people or groups. If my own viewpoint is valid, I could turn people away by being unpleasant. I do my best to keep things civil now.

Kindness is wonderful, but it isn’t obligatory. Kindness must be chosen multiple times each day. Everything that happens to us presents us with a new opportunity to show Kindness, but we must seize that opportunity for ourselves.

Remember the wise words of Wil Wheaton.