Kindness Journey – Day 101 – A Sense of Accomplishment

Monday was a day when I accomplished so much more than I expected. Most of it was personal, but still very important to me. As I start Tuesday, I’m hoping to continue with my stream of getting things done.

I will definitely spend some time in the kitchen, preparing chicken to marinate. I’ll also steam sone corn on the cob, and make a green bean casserole.

I hope that the weather is nice so Hal and I can get out for awhile.

I received my podcast equipment the other day. I’m still in the preparation phase, so I haven’t set things up yet. I want to have the details ironed out before I start experimenting with sound and production. I haven’t written my first script yet either, so there’s still plenty left to do before the first episode gets recorded and submitted for approval.

Hal (person) isn’t feeling well, so I’ll probably stick around. The time spent in the kitchen exhausted me. At least there won’t be another round of cooking for several days once I cook the chicken tomorrow, since it will marinate and defrost overnight.

Since it appears we aren’t going out today, I’ll find something to do around the apartment. I hope everyone has an outstanding day!