Kindness Journey – Day 100 – Sleep

Once again, insomnia struck last night. I had no idea it was going to happen, but after going to bed around midnight, I found myself wide awake by 0230. I wasn’t able to sleep again until 0500.

I finally slept until 1000 this morning, but I feel like garbage. I’m hoping that tonight will be better, and that I won’t have another insomnia attack. The insomnia attacks seem to come and go in waves, so if last night was a one-off, then I’m extremely lucky.

I try to be Kind to myself, but sometimes I wonder if I’ve done something wrong to cause this insomnia. It takes conscious effort to remind myself that insomnia isn’t capable of making judgements, therefore it doesn’t interrupt my life as punishment for some shortcoming.

I spent the day taking care of personal business and I hope that will help me sleep tonight. Hours were spent on the phone, talking to various customer care specialists, and I remained calm and polite with each and every one of them because Kindness gets results when anger fails. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I accomplished today, as tired as I am.

I collapsed and took a nap early this evening. I hope it doesn’t contribute to another round of insomnia later tonight.