Kindness Journey – Day 98 – Making room in a smaller place

I broke down and purchased some new gear to help with my upcoming podcast. Now, I just have to find room for all of it. Moving to a smaller apartment necessitated some purging of possessions, and that is a good thing, but being faced with the reality of a smaller space makes it clear that more needs to be done.

My big computer desk was donated to Habitat for Humanity. The small desk fits in here, but there isn’t much additional space to work with in this room. I have to really prioritize what will be in my desk/secretary going forward. As I continue purging, there is simply too much stuff in and on the desk. The foldout desk can’t close until most of the stuff finds a new permanent home, or just gets tossed out.

A pic of the secretary desk from the old apartment
A pic of the secretary desk from the old apartment

As the old picture shows, more stuff needs to go. There’s work to be done so I can focus on creating my podcast.

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