Kindness Journey – Day 93 – My Personal Experience with Classified Material

In what truly seems like a past life, or at least a lifetime ago, I dealt with classified material on a daily basis while I was in the US Navy. I took that responsibility very seriously, and I still do to this very day. I signed a non-disclosure agreement that is binding FOR LIFE that precludes me from ever discussing what I knew or saw with anyone.

I severed my ties with classified information permanently when I became disabled and had to leave my job. My agreement remains in effect without modification. I know the civil and criminal penalties for breaking my agreement. There are harsh punishments for violations.

Having said all that, I am astonished that a former POTUS can get away with violating the law regarding how classified material is handled, secured, and stored. It is NEVER taken home with you. It is NEVER stored anywhere other than government approved facilities in approved safes, not in boxes in closets.

Why did he need those documents?? Was he planning to blackmail the US Government to try and save himself from his other legal troubles?? Was he planning to sell them to the highest bidder like the villain in sone James Bond movie?? Personally, I believe that he was going to pass that information in to his master in Moscow.

I wonder how the laws will bend to protect a criminal simply because he was once POTUS? If that is the case, one can argue that everyone convicted of mishandling classified information should be immediately released and pardoned and compensated.