Kindness Journey – Day 90 – Accountability

I decided to use Accountability as my topic for today after something happened to me that made me stop and think.

I had been involved on the fringes of an online conversation. I wasn’t paying real attention until I was addressed with the statement that this person hated fake people. I looked and the comment was addressed solely to me.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I had been singled out for what could be interpreted as an offensive comment. It took me a moment to realize that I was not accountable for what someone thought of me if they were erroneous. I had neither done nor said anything to that person to warrant such a thing, and to apologize for having done nothing was truly pointless.

Kindness requires Accountability. We must take responsibility for our actions, that is why being Kind is so important. Kindness is more than words. However, accountability only applies to oneself. I cannot be responsible for an erroneous statement made by someone else. To try and shoulder that burden crosses the line between Kindness and Submission. Kindness is about living together and Compromise. Submission means surrendering your control, and therefore, your ability to show true Kindness.

I don’t hold any grudge against the person who made the comment against me. That is their problem to deal with, not mine. While the feelings of others are important, we are not Accountable to them.

Accountability is a component of Kindness. They work together well.

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