Kindness Journey – Day 85 – Christening the Kitchen

Today is the first day I’ve had both the time and the strength to fully use our new kitchen. The very first thing I’m preparing is a green bean casserole. Afterwards, I’ll cook the pork chops that have been marinating overnight. I’ll steam sone corn in the cob and make some mashed potatoes, and we’ll have our first home-cooked meal here.

My daily Kindness is the time and effort to cook our meal. I’m grateful for the fact that we have a place to live, and the means to get the food to prepare. I’m also grateful for Hal and The Stooges, because I would be totally lost without them.

I also exercised my Kindness on the phone with sone harried tech call center workers. I had trouble with an account, and it took me over an hour to resolve the problem. Obviously, I became frustrated, but I remembered Kindness, and didn’t take my frustration out on the people at the other end of the line. Instead, I thanked them for their help and made sure to write their names down at the start of the call and addressed them by their name to emphasize the connection.

Kindness is a huge part of my life now. Sometimes I take it for granted, just like breathing, but I need to focus more on Kindness each and every day.

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