If Democrats were shocked by this, it proves their faux republican-lite approach is a disaster. Abortion rights victory in Kansas gives Democrats new hope for midterms – CNNPolitics

It isn’t often that Democrats look to deep-red Kansas for resounding affirmation. But on Tuesday night, when Kansans overwhelmingly voted to keep protections for abortion rights in their state constitution, that is exactly what happened.
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Kindness Journey – Day 80 – Traveling Again

We got up early this morning so we could travel to my pulmonologist appointment. It was a 50-mile there and back, so 109 miles traveled today.

At least everything still seems to be working as well as can be expected, so that’s the news I got from the doctor.

Tomorrow we make another long trip to the Nephrologist to check my kidney functions. Hopefully, the news from there will be good as well.

We came home and then I took Hal (person) to the DMV to get his ID card updated with our new address. After that, we had a late lunch and came home. I am going to be glad to get tomorrow’s visit over with so we can relax for awhile.