Kindness Journey – Day 78 – Silence

Sone days there is nothing better than beautiful silence. I have time to meditate and focus on Kindness. I can purge impure thoughts and concentrate on ways to improve things for myself, Hal, and The Stooges.

I need the time to process everything that has happened over the last week. The move has occupied our time for the better part of the last month, and now it is over and done with. Sure, there is more arranging and settling in left to do, but the preparation and the heavy work is behind us.

Today is a good day to rest and start to enjoy the new place. Wednesday and Thursday are medical appointments for me and we’ll be traveling 50 miles back to the doctors’ offices for those visits.

Today we did go Krogering early in the morning. We’re back at the apartment waiting on maintenance because a kitchen drawer came off the rails when the rails separated from the frame. Just when we had the kitchen looking all nice.

After the drawer problem is resolved, I’m going to grab the Instant Pot and cook. I’ll still use the stove to steam some corn 🌽 on the cob.

The kitchen drawer was fixed just after 1300, so Hal (person) and I did get out for awhile in the late afternoon.

It’s almost time for bed and I’m glad I showed Kindness to myself with a day of silence.