Kindness Journey – Day 74 – Premonitions

In the middle of moving day last Monday, I had to take a break for lunch. I have to watch my blood glucose levels and I have learned to know when I have to eat. So, I left Hal (person) with the movers as they brought things into the new apartment, and ventured off in search of food.

I stopped at a nearby Chinese restaurant and ordered lunch. I had Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, and Lo Mein. Since they gave a fortune cookie, I figured I would at least see what it said. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found

Karma and Kindness are all around us. I felt such a wonderful sense of calm and peace when I read my fortune cookie. I resolved then and there that the stress of moving was going to flow around me like water flows around a stone. Kindness is the key, it is the foundation to a better life.

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