Kindness Journey – Day 73 – Affection

Hal The Cat has had a rough time this year. We found out that he has Mast Cell Disease, but thankfully it isn’t cancerous. However, he has small tumors that are all over his body. We give him several medications daily, and if you’ve ever given medication to a cat, you have our sympathies.

Each day, morning and night, Hal (person)wraps Hal The Cat in a towel just like a burrito so I can use a syringe to get liquid medicine down his throat. We can tell how upset and scared Hal The Cat gets during this. All we can do is love him for several minutes before and after the events.

Kindness brings its own rewards, as an old saying goes. The medicines seem to be helping Hal The Cat, and each time he gets his treatment he comes back within a minute or two and shows love and affection. I believe he knows we are helping him, and he seems to want to assure us that he isn’t angry or upset.

I wish people could be more like Hal The Cat, and show appreciation and affection for kindness and caring.

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