Kindness Journey- Day 72 – 13 Years

Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of my first blog post. Until WordPress notified me, I was clueless about the anniversary. We were in the middle of moving from one apartment to another, there was no time for celebration.

I think a more appropriate reaction would be simply stepping back and looking at what I’ve written through the years, how my writings have reflected changes in my life, and more importantly, with my outlook on things.

I certainly didn’t write every single day in this blog. I didn’t have the discipline or motivation for so much of the time.

Sometimes I take a deep dive into my past on this blog just to remind myself how much I’ve grown, and how much growing I still have to do. Even as I’ve embraced Kindness , I won’t hide the nasty and hateful thoughts I’ve had in the past. If someone wants to know me, let them see everything rather than me trying to hide things.