Kindness Journey – Day 71 – M-Day

Moving again. Waiting on the movers to arrive early Monday morning. The apartment is full of boxes, we have almost everything packed so the movers can work quickly. We’ve been through this drill so many times over the years, it’s like second nature to us.

We will have a 50-mile trip to our new apartment. With luck, both us and the movers will be on the way soon after lunch. That gives us the afternoon to get things into the new place. After that, we begin unpacking. Personally, after the basic necessities such as beds and showers, I want to get some groceries and cook in the new kitchen.

We should have things organized in a day or two. We got rid of stuff we never used, so there will be no sorting through those things again.

The movers arrived around 0945 and immediately got to work. Hal is taking charge of things inside. I’ve been exiled to the patio because of my breathing problems. I feel helpless, but I don’t need to be sick again either. I will make this up to Hal by cooking and affection.

It’s nearly noon and the old apart is rapidly emptying. We should be on the road in less than 2 hours. Hal has prevented me from doing any lifting this morning. Once we get on the road, things will begin to move faster, pardon the pun.

The trip to Richmond proved to be an adventure. Jax The Cat was stressed out for the whole 90-minute trip. He was panting and hyperventilating. Jax has never loved to travel, but this was the worst experience yet. We put the Stooges in a closet while the movers unpack everything.

The movers rolled out around 1730. We will have our hands full tonight putting as much of the apartment together as possible. The cable service gets installed tomorrow, and I’m already looking forward to a good night of sleep.

I’ll try to keep everyone posted on progress.

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