Kindness Journey – Day 70 – It begins

The first phase of our move started Saturday. We packed up the car with items that we didn’t want the movers handling, and set off for our new apartment in Richmond. We picked up the keys, did our walk-thru to make certain things were all in order, and unpacked the car.

I made sure that one of the bathrooms will be fully functional with shower curtains and soap and towels. The last thing I want on Monday is to be exhausted and not be able to get a nice shower to relax. We also made sure to have cold drinks in the refrigerator for the movers on Monday. Thankfully, there is a Kroger less than a mile from the new apartment.

Other than those things, our main goal was to put everything we brought down out of the way for Monday. We have so much practice with moving that nothing stresses us anymore. Our goal was to get this first trip out of the way and then decide if we will make another one on Sunday.

First of all, Saturday morning was a complete disaster on I-95 South. A 50 mile trip took more than 3 hours. Our mood was surly by the time we finally got to the new apartment, and then nothing went right. It took nearly two hours to sign the paperwork and get the keys. Kindness kept me from just going off in that situation.

Of course, it was almost 100 degrees, and the heat index made it feel much worse. Eventually, Hal got things inside, he refused to let me help because of my breathing problems. I felt awful for him and wish I could do more.

I tried to make up by putting everything away after Hal brought them in from the car. Doing that made me feel better. After a few hours, we had things sorted and put away. We made a trip out for lunch and then stopped at Kroger to get toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc

We finally started home and I-95 North was just as bad on the ride home. We got here around 1900, which gave us just enough time to shower and then cuddle on the couch to watch Svengoolie and Star Trek. I don’t think we’re making another pre-move trip today. Thank Goodness.

Kindness helped get me through a stressful day yesterday, and for that alone, I am grateful.

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