Kindness Journey – Day 69 – Last Full Day before the move

Trying to find kindness before the move.

I started Friday by getting up early after fasting for 12 hours so I could get my quarterly blood work done for my next round of medical appointments. Fasting always exhausts me and puts me in a foul mood. I need my morning caffeine and some breakfast, instead I drive 10 miles to wait in line at the lab in the hopes of being one of the first people in line when the lab opens.

Today is the only day this week that I could manage to do all the fasting overnight and get up early to be at the lab. Tomorrow, Hal (person) and I go to Richmond to pick up the keys to the new apartment. Sunday I’m sure we’ll make another trip to the new apartment with some necessities before the movers arrive on Monday.

To add to my list of things to do, we have to take Jax The Cat for a physical today so he’ll be approved for the new apartment. At least that excursion will get us away from all the boxes that are cluttering up the place right now. Once Jax’s appointment is through, the only thing left is more packing to the point we live out of a backpack or suitcase until Tuesday, and to get dinner somewhere since the kitchen has been packed away.

I will be relieved when we get the move complete. We’re going to be much closer to a grocery store/pharmacy at the new place, so that will greatly reduce mileage on the car.

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