Kindness Journey – Day 66 – Focus

With all of the bad news that is happening, it can be difficult to find any positive things, but they are all around us. Yesterday morning, I sat in the patio, planning my routine for the day, deciding what to pack for the move, and other necessary evils of life. I started this blog post because I knew I needed to actively focus on something that reflects Kindness.

I decided that my focus would be on The Stooges. Jax and Hal were with me on the patio. They don’t have a care in the world. Being outside is a real adventure for them and I marveled at their innocence and wonder with the routine things we tend to ignore.

They were fascinated with the sounds of birds, and when they saw one, they were mesmerized. The only negative was the sound of traffic to disturb them. Thankfully, the patio is screened so they can’t run wild because catching them would be impossible, and we wouldn’t want them to get lost. They will miss the patio after we move, but they will have a balcony.

Life is about living. Kindness means enjoying life as much as possible.If I can enjoy the simple things like The Stooges. Do each and every day, if only for a few minutes, my life will be richer and more enjoyable.