Kindness Journey – Day 65 – Insane Greed

Next Monday is moving day, at last! We’ve been planning this move for nearly 3 months, ever since our current landlord informed us that if we renewed our lease here, our rent would increase by $800 a month. No, that is NOT a typo, our rent would increase by $800 per month.

There is something inherently wrong with any system that allows exploitation like this. Did we suddenly earn almost $10,000 extra dollars to offset the cost of someone else’s greed? Sadly, no we didn’t.

I find it hard to be kind to a person or conglomerate that willingly participates in such obscene behavior. I want to maintain my devotion to the principles of Kindness, but then I remember that Kindness does not equate to gullibility or stupidity. Sometimes, there is a high bar to be met in order to merit Kindness.

We will move to a new apartment and will find a realtor to start house-hunting. We’ve been forced to move too many times. We need stability in our life here.

Greed is killing this country. Greed is killing the people in this country.

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