Kindness Journey – Day 62 – Kindness isn’t for everyone

I learn new things about Kindness every day. For example, there is no roadmap to Kindness, it is an individual journey that is unique for each person. What comes easily to me might be very difficult for others, and vice versa.

One basic precept of Kindness is that you can be kind to everyone, but not everyone will be kind to you. We aren’t all on the same page in Life’s playbook. We all will decide whether or not to pursue Kindness at different points in our lives. Once you choose Kindness, it has to come with Sincerity. You cannot practice true Kindness if you expect a reward for every kind act you perform. Other people will refuse to accept your Kindness, but you cannot let that stop your journey.

Don’t let others discourage you. If they reject your Kindness, just move on and forget about what happened. If you dwell on your negatives, you’ll find fewer and fewer positives.

Be genuine. Be Honest and Sincere.

Let criticisms flow away from you. The past is over. There are lessons to be learned from the past, but don’t re-live the past.

Kindness is about sharing your feelings and yourself.

Religion is not a prerequisite for Kindness. I cannot stress this enough. Kindness isn’t a religion. Kindness doesn’t try to proselytize anyone to also practice Kindness.

No one is perfect. Live and let live.

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