Kindness Journey – Day 60 – After the storm

I was trying to find a topic to write about on my Kindness Journey, but sometimes I overthink things too much and just get frustrated with myself. As I tried to mentally extricate myself from that situation, I started to realize that I’d found my topic.

Kindness is about how we handle the bad times just as much as how we handle the good times. Maintaining balance in my life is the key to Serenity, Happiness, and Kindness. The most difficult lesson I learned was to put myself and my feelings first when making any decisions. It is impossible and damaging to always put others first, especially for important decisions.

Taking care of myself first is not selfish. A really hard concept to grasp, but absolutely necessary in order to make any real progress. When I am kind to someone, and they reciprocate, I feel wonderful. I had to learn that when I’m kind to someone and they don’t respond, that I should still feel wonderful. The Kindness that emanates from me must come from a perspective of self-happiness, or it is false Kindness.

After a storm interrupts our lives, the only course is to gather ourselves up, regroup, and move on. We will never be free of storms in our lives, they make us recognize the good times.

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