Kindness Journey – Day 59 – Unwarranted personal attacks

A person with whom I’ve never corresponded recently made an unwarranted personal attack against me on the mastodon social network. A part of my profile there includes a rainbow pride flag, because I am a Gay man and not ashamed of it.


This person decided to make a statement that my profile contained a “pedophile” flag. I was saddened when I saw the remark. I was torn between reaction in anger and ignoring the message. I know from experience that getting into an argument with an anonymous troll is a losing proposition, while ignoring them invites more trouble.

Eventually, I decided to report them after first blocking them. I hope that they can find sone Kindness in their life, they’ve obviously not had much so far. I didn’t feel I could be the one to offer Kindness because I felt the sting of the false accusations. I couldn’t make the emotional break needed to approach that person with genuine Kindness.

Everyone does deserve Kindness, but not everyone can administer it to everyone else. Personal feelings get in the way, especially after someone attacks you without warning.

Kindness allows me to walk away, figuratively, from toxic people who want to bring me down only because they are so miserable themselves.

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