Kindness Journey – Day 58 – An Holistic Approach with Hal The Cat

Our oldest cat, Hal, has been diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors. Thankfully, the tumors themselves are not cancerous, but the treatment is identical. The poor guy has had chemo treatments that failed to control the tumors, and he was losing an alarming amount of weight. We finally decided to take him to a Holistic veterinary doctor, one who specializes in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.

We had to travel about 50 miles to DC with Hal The Cat, but the doctor put our minds at ease. Without making a concrete promise, she did say that she thinks she can help Hal. We took him off of the chemo drug after consulting with the regular veterinarian. Now, Hal The Cat has started taking herbs that will hopefully stop the tumors from growing and spreading, and perhaps shrink or eliminate them altogether.

Regardless, Hal has acted like a new cat with the herbal treatment for only 2 days. We know that he needs time to get the chemo drug residue out of his system, but the immediate change is remarkable. His appetite is coming back, and that is the most important thing.

Hal The Cat is special. In late 2030, when my own health began to fall apart, he was there with me. He would alert my partner when I wasn’t feeling well, often before I realized it myself. Hal still watches over me, even as he doesn’t feel good himself.

We hope that Hal The Cat will be back to normal very soon. We love him, and we’ll do everything we can to help him.

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