Kindness Journey – Day 52 – Tough Choices

Life often presents us with tough choices. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be a right choice, and sometimes doing nothing at all might be correct.

Kindness is also a series of choices that we make, with Kindness as the desired outcome. I am still new to the Kindness approach to life, and I still have a lot to learn. The recent mass shootings have made me re-examine my embrace of Kindness. I still cannot bring myself to offer or feel Kindness toward the perpetrators of those horrific crimes, but I wonder if anyone else can?

Taking a life isn’t something that can be instantly forgiven. It is also extremely difficult to extend Kindness to the criminal when my heart says that Kindness should be reserved for the victims and their families.

Kindness can make me a better person, but I didn’t start this journey with the intention of becoming a Saint. Perhaps as I grow along this Kindness Journey, I might be able to think kindly towards Ed’s the monsters in the world. Until then I make the tough choice to send my Kindness to the victims instead. They are far more deserving of Kindness, Comfort, and Compassion.