All Men are Created Equal….

Unless you’re a woman. Unless you don’t own property. Unless you’re non-white. Unless you fit an extremely narrow category.

That is what a LITERAL interpretation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution actually means. Is that what you really want?

Don’t get me wrong. I think that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the greatest documents ever written. But we need to understand them for ourselves, not let someone else try to interpret them for us.

Simply put, the Declaration of Independence was a list of grievances against the British government and Crown. It laid out the reasons for the creation of a new nation, independent of the old.

The Constitution was, and still is, the framework for our system of government. It came about after a failed attempt at complete autonomy for each of the original 13 states. This proved unworkable, and people realized a change was needed.

Thankfully, the Constitution is a document that can be changed via Amendments. The only people who don’t want change to the Constitution are those who fear change and progress.

Never trust anyone who wants to keep things the way they are.

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