Kindness Journey – Day 49 – Kindness vs Religion

If you need Religion to be Kind, then you have a problem. I run into this discussion all the time. Let me be perfectly clear, I am an Atheist, there is no god at all, except for the ones we make. People attribute their good to whatever goals they want to achieve for themselves, especially those in power who use the concept of god as a tool to control people.

Kindness filtered through religion can still be genuine, but only if the rare chain of events actually involves Kindness being a true part of their faith. Kindness as practiced by so many religious people is nothing more than an exercise in obedience that is most often shown only to those with whom they are already in agreement with.

Kindness. Should know no boundaries or limitations based on what someone believes, of what god they believe it or not. I do believe that there are limits to my own Kindness, and they are based on a person’s actions and not on their beliefs. If someone takes advantage of my Kindness to exploit myself or someone else, they will not receive my Kindness again. Kindness does not equal naïveté.

Sadly we are seeing examples of religion at work today. The recent SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v Wade shows that the definitions of Kindness are vastly different for so many religious people. In order to be kind, they want to force women to carry a rapist’s baby to term, or to give birth to a child with deformities. Yet these same religious people will never show any further responsibility to those children in terms of education or healthcare or emotional support. Once those children they “care” so much about are born, they are quite literally fucked.

I have seen ministers argue that it the role of the State to protect a fetus, and then argue that it is NOT the role of the State to protect a child with the things I mentioned above. I see no Kindness there.

I close with the statement that opened this blog post.

If you need Religion to be Kind, then you have a problem.

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