Kindness Journey – Day 48 – Patience

Tom Petty once sang that “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”. When we make changes in our lives, we often get frustrated by a lack of immediate results. Patience is a virtue, but it can be difficult to accept.

We measure our lives today in milliseconds, when I was a child, we measured it in days. There was no instant gratification. Things took time, and as a result, we learned patience. If we had a question, we had to find the right person to ask, or find the right book to show us what we wanted to know.

In my case, growing up in the country, I didn’t have the access to the public library, unless it was via the bookmobile.

Bonus points if you remember these things.

What I’m saying is that Patience is necessary for a full and rewarding life in the same way that Kindnesses is. Patience teaches us that nothing is permanent, and things change at their own pace. No amount of worry will change the overall ncourse of things, and if you can accelerate something there is usually an unknown price or consequence that must be addressed later.

Kindness and Patience go together. Let them work for you to make your lifer better instead of trying to control them and causing yourself nothing but worry.

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