Kindness Journey – Day 77 – A Wonderful Veterinarian

Hal The Cat has a tough early life. He was a feral cat, living in the streets for almost 2 years when he was trapped and sent to a local shelter. He was treated kindly, but he was still extremely high-strung and nervous.

In December 2014, my partner Hal (person) and I were dealing with the loss of our cat Maxwell

We were sad, obviously, but we were ready to make room in our hearts and home for another cat. We went to the local shelter hoping to find one.

A cat reached out and grabbed Hal (person) by the back of his jacket. I looked at the name tag on the cage and knew we had found our next cat.

Hal The Cat and Hal (person)

That is why my blog is littered with references to Hal The Cat or Hal (person).

Earlier this year, Hal The Cat was diagnosed with Nast Cell Disease. Thankfully, the tumors that started appearing weren’t cancerous. Hal The Cat isn’t in any pain but we want to get him better. The traditional vet accomplished nothing other than performing a cash-removal surgery on our wallets.

Hal (person) spoke with an online friend who recommended a Chinese herbal veterinarian. We decided to try her and are very glad we did. The new vet prescribed a mixture of herbs that seem to be reducing the size of the tumors.

We just moved and that vet is now approximately 100 miles away, but we will continue taking Hal The Cat to her. He enjoys the visits and is completely comfortable with her.

Hal The Cat is extremely special to us. We will do whatever we can to make him better.

Kindness Journey – Day 76 – Settling Down

This last week has been extremely hectic, moving time always is, but as I grow older I find the experience more and more taxing on my health. Thursday in particular really stressed me out. I lost control of my emotions several times when it felt like everything had gone wrong, and that anything I did just made matters worse.

It is time for an enforced break from moving.

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Kindness Journey – Day 75 – Closure and Kindness

We are finally done with our old apartment. We had to take two additional 100-mile round trips to take care of deep cleaning and carpet cleaning just to close out the lease.

The apartment decided that we needed to pay them an additional $800 per month to stay there. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to figuratively shit out an additional $10,000 per year just to stay in that apartment. Greed is destroying this country.

Kindness tells me to not be angry. We found a place that is just as nice, more convenient to live in because it is nearer to groceries, pharmacy and other necessities, so we are actually better off.

Karma will have its revenge on the greed our former landlord showed. It is time for us to move on with our lives.

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Kindness Journey – Day 74 – Premonitions

In the middle of moving day last Monday, I had to take a break for lunch. I have to watch my blood glucose levels and I have learned to know when I have to eat. So, I left Hal (person) with the movers as they brought things into the new apartment, and ventured off in search of food.

I stopped at a nearby Chinese restaurant and ordered lunch. I had Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, and Lo Mein. Since they gave a fortune cookie, I figured I would at least see what it said. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found

Karma and Kindness are all around us. I felt such a wonderful sense of calm and peace when I read my fortune cookie. I resolved then and there that the stress of moving was going to flow around me like water flows around a stone. Kindness is the key, it is the foundation to a better life.