Kindness Journey – Day 46 – Helping Others

If there was just one way to exercise Kindness in your life, it would have to be by helping others. Even making the offer to help can change someone’s day for the better.

Recently, I was at the grocery store. Self-absorbed, I found what I was looking for and made my way to the check-out lane. Personally, I will always go to a cashier because I dislike self-serve checkouts. Something always goes wrong, usually the plastic bags are so tightly compacted that I can’t open one.

At any rate, I made my way to the checkout line. There was no one behind me; I always look in case someone has just a few things to let them ahead of me.

I placed my items in the belt and within a minute a woman got in line behind me in one of those motorized shopping carts for the disabled. I couldn’t offer to let her go ahead of me because there was no room to let her pass, and the cashier already started ringing up my items.

The woman’s cart was filled to the brim with her groceries, and it was a slight uphill lift GeForce her to get items onto the conveyor belt. I immediately offered to help her unload her groceries into the conveyor belt, but she gently redo by saying that it was one of the ways she got her exercise.

I couldn’t help but feel that somehow I had failed in my attempt to be kind, but she smiled at me and said “Thank you for offering to help. That was a really kind thing to do.” It was then I realized that Kindness can ge the offer to help just as much as the help itself under the right circumstances.

A little Kindness goes a long way, and I just warn you, it is addictive. When you experience Kindness, you’re going to want more.

Be Kind to one another

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