Kindness Journey – Day 45 – Laptop or iPad or iPhone vs desktop

I spend too much time on my iPhone when it comes to web surfing, checking email, and yes, writing blog posts. My iPhone is just so convenient to use because I always have it with me.

I’ve tried to force myself to use my iPad and MacBook more often, but habits are hard to break. Right now, our apartment gets more and more cluttered with boxes as we prepare to move in late July, so space to put the MacBook in a place to be comfortable is getting more and more difficult. I have one of the magic keyboard, but that only works on a flat surface. An iPad can be uncomfortable to hold for more than a few minutes.

Once our move is over, I’m going to make use of my desk to become my main writing space.

Until then, I have to watch how much time I spend with my iPhone when it comes to online activities.

I love my MacBook and need to use it as my primary writing tool in the future. I got rid of my old iMac and haven’t felt the need to buy another one. When that time comes I might have to re-evaluate my desk situation. Until then, I’m all set and happy with how things have turned out.

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