Kindness Journey – Day 44 -Black Cats

Black Cats are considered bad luck by many people. I disagree.

Just look at our babies and then try telling me that they somehow represent anything other than unconditional love and affection.

We adopted our first Black cat, Hal without even thinking about superstition. We heard how difficult it was to find people willing to adopt Black cats. There are people who would willingly hurt Black cats solely because of their color.

We resolved to adopt Black cats and we’ve never regretted it. We believe that Black cats are somehow more in tune with peoples’ emotions, and whether they mean to harm them.

Our Black cats are fiercely loyal. They have chased dogs away by working as a team. They are smart, they are resourceful, and they constantly shower us with love and affection.

The next time someone says that a Black cat is bad luck, please remember that you are listening to an idiot saying that.