Kindness Journey- Day 42 – Our upcoming Move

In just over a month, Hal (person), myself, and The Stooges will be moving yet again. Over the last 10 years, we have moved 7 times. Next month will be our 8th move. The ever-increasing cost of living keeps us from settling down like we want to.

Each time we get to a new place, we tell ourselves that “This is the place where we can settle down for several years”. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case. In fact, the reason we’re moving this summer is that our current apartment rent will increase by $800 (NOT A TYPO) per month if we remain. There is no excuse for this other than pure greed. Capitalism at its worst.

We’ve never seriously considered buying a house, but we have agreed that we can explore that possibility after we get to our new apartment. A new city with much lower housing costs makes things more appealing and we won’t be rushed to make a decision.

We also decided that if circumstances force us to move again after the next lease, we are going to look west. We aren’t going any further south because things are just too intolerable there. I’ve looked at New Mexico as a possible destination and I would love to make a trip there to see what it is actually like. We have lived on the East Coast since we first met, so perhaps it is time for a change for us. I could certainly do with a climate that won’t aggravate my sinuses any more.

Time will tell if this move is our last for awhile. We both hope so, but we’re preparing for whatever comes our way.

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