Kindness Journey – Day 41 – My Perfect Desk

I have had the secretary style desk for some time, but when we make our move to Richmond later this summer, it will become my main workspace. The secretary desk was just used for storage, not as a desk. For years I used a standing desk from IKEA, but we won’t have as much space in the new apartment.

When I became I’ll and was hospitalized, this desk started to become unnecessary. Since I’ve been on disability and no longer work, the desk simply wasn’t needed. We donated it to the Salvation Army.

I’m actually looking forward to downsizing in many parts of my life. I’ve found that accumulated junk serves no purpose. Every time we move, it is a new catharsis for us. We purge things we no longer need or use. The local Salvation Army loves us each time we move.

I’m looking forward to downsizing when we move. It forces me to determine what is really important in my life, and that makes me more appreciative overall. My perfect desk is just an example.

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