Kindness Journey – Day 34

Breathing is the key to relaxation. It goes without saying that it is also necessary for life, but because it is such an involuntary thing, we just overlook breathing on an everyday basis.

I embraced Meditation while I was in the hospital in late 2020 as a means to control my anxiety and stress following a near/death experience. Smoking had done damage to my lungs, and my breathing ability had been badly impacted.

I learned to focus on my breathing as I learned how to meditate. I found it amazing that something so simple, that we all take for granted, like breathing could be so important. My heart rate slows down, I feel more at peace within a minute or two. Aches and pains don’t seem quite so bad.

Smell the flowers and blow out the candles. That’s the way I was taught about breathing. Inhale deeply through the nose. If you have sinus problems like me, you might have to inhale more through your mouth. Hold that breath in for at least 5 seconds. Then, let all the air out in a steady flow, as much as you can in 5 seconds. Hold without inhaling for 5 seconds, and then repeat.

If you follow that exercise for 10 reps, you’ll feel totally rejuvenated. You don’t even have to try meditation to feel better through breathing.