Kindness Journey – Day 32

There are days when I don’t necessarily feel like writing. I know this feeling very well because it has haunted me in the past. I know if I “take a break” for a day, that break extends to 2 days, then a week, and soon my blog is nothing more than a memory.

I’ve learned to harness my Inspiration and Creativity thanks to Kindness. I write down an idea for a blog post as soon as it pops into my head. My writing tool has a list of topics, sone I’ve started on while others still wait. If I take a few minutes each day I write something on at least one of the topics. Before I know it, I’ve written something that I can be somewhat proud of, and at least one topic gets published each day.

Being Kind to myself means that I’m not forcing things when I write. My Inspiration remains strong. To preserve can be difficult, but when you embrace Kindness, it gets easier.

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