Kindness Journey – Day 26

One of the consequences of our violent society, other than the carnage, is the militarization of our police. I find it ironic that the people who complain the loudest that guns aren’t the problem because they “need them to protect themselves from the government “ support turning the police into the very type of force they want to resist. The concept of a more peaceful society simply escapes them.

The problem goes deeper than the militarization of police. Everyone seems to believe that the only way to solve problems is through the use of force. There is an instantaneous reflex that escalates every situation into a crisis which then calls for the use of force.

People in this country are no longer taught to respect others, they are taught to fear them. Compassion is lost, kindness is perceived as weakness or surrender. This lack of caring, empathy, and kindness creates a ready population for more violence each day.

This problem will take many years to correct, and it won’t be easy. Religion, which has become a tool of the oppressors and the violent, no longer counts as part of any solution.

Not every problem requires a military or quasi-military response.

We lack humanity and kindness.