Kindness Journey – Day 25

Kindness helps me deal with my feelings. We all go through times when we can’t seem to shake off the blues. I’ve come to realize that these periods of sadness or depression are actually healthy for us because they give us the proper perspective to appreciate the good times.

No one is honestly happy 100% of the time. Learn to let the feelings flow; don’t try to keep them bottled up. Obviously, if the blues don’t go away, then seek professional help, but don’t panic because you feel blue every once in a while. I read that sone people actually get depressed on a regular schedule. For them this is normal because they know that those feelings will pass.

Remember that feeling down is a part of life. It’s the roller coaster ride that keeps us in our toes. Treasure your feelings, all of them. Just don’t let them govern you all the time.