Kindness Journey – Day 23

It seems like everyday we hear about some new atrocity committed by one person or group against another person or group. I know that bad things happen all the time, but it just feels so much worse right now. Mass shootings all over the place, but why?

We are guilty of allowing this to happen. This is our new “normal.” We have lost our respect for life, our sense of compassion, and our Kindness. We have let ourselves believe that the only way to resolve conflicts or misunderstandings is through violence; and that it is better to lash out first than to wait and stay calm.

I feel deep regret over what we are becoming. I feel more and more divorced from the world with each passing day. Hatred is the new mantra. Fear everyone is the false guidance that so many are following. I will not subscribe to that philosophy. I am kind, I value everyone unless their actions force me to believe otherwise.

There’s a clip from an old movie that speaks directly to the isolation that we all feel.