Kindness Journey – Day 22

Patience and Kindness are closely related in the overall scheme of life. I find it impossible to separate the two. If I am kind, patience is not a problem. Conversely, if I’m impatient, I’m definitely not feeling kind in any way.

Yesterday we took Hal The Cat to a veterinary oncologist. We have to travel appropriately 60 miles to get to her office in Richmond. Because I-95 is always a nightmare, we leave early. Of course, we got there in plenty of time and had to wait over an hour for his scheduled appointment.

As I sat in the waiting room, I used that time to accomplish several things. First, I continually comforted Hal The Cat, and I also went through my gratitude exercises in my head. I resolved again to be Kind. Before I knew it, the hour had passed and Hal The Cat saw the doctor.

If I let impatience govern me, I would have been furious about the long wait. Instead, I was calm and peaceful, and I know that attitude helped Hal The Cat to cope with the situation.

Impatience leads to anger, not kindness. I know this from years of experience when I let the slightest delay send me into a frenzy. What did it accomplish? Nothing at all. Impatience and anger took a toll on my health that will never go away.

Until I embraced Kindness, I never knew real Patience. Staying calm when I experience a delay for sone reason just gives me time to think about all of the things that I should be grateful for in my life.

Don’t let a lack of patience destroy the Kindness in your heart.

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