Kindness Journey- Day 21

The term “ Red Flag” has taken on a new meaning recently. When I created a draft for this blog labeled “Red Flag”, it was nearly three weeks ago. I meant for it to refer to things that affect my commitment to Kindness, the type of @Red Flag” stories, usually political in nature that always upset and angered me.

Then the tragedies in Buffalo and Uvalde happened. “Red Flag” was used to mean proposed laws that would allow officials to use statements made by someone publicly, or online, that threatened violence to have that person reported to the authorities. “Red Flag” laws would also prohibit persons making those statements potentially unable to legally purchase or own firearms.

Honestly, I’m in full support of this new definition of “Red Flag”, and the laws indicated. We have too many examples of the solitary, quiet individuals who commit mass murder actually having made statements showing their intent but no one listened. Worse yet people heard or saw those statements and did nothing.

Kindness dictates that we watch out and care for one another. Kindness also dictates that we work to prevent a tragedy before it happens if at all possible. I find it inconceivable that almost 40 years of these tragedies haven’t taught us these simple lessons yet.

I’m not going to start with the issue of gun control. Obviously, we need stricter gun laws. Blaming these atrocities on mental health seems like an easy answer, but both gun control and mental health are “Red Flags” in the sense I originally was going to write about. Too many people close their minds when these two problems are brought up.

“Red Flags” are all around us. Everyone has slightly different “Red Flags” that affect them, but until we learn to deal with them, Kindness remains difficult to achieve.