Kindness Journey – Day 18 – I should write full-time

I’ve often wondered if I could write full-time. I’m not suggesting that I could make a living out of writing, I don’t believe I’m that good. When I say write full-time, I mean a steady routine of writing something every day.

I put this idea for a blog post aside almost 2 weeks ago, with the intention of coming back to it. Now is that time. I honestly think I’ve made some real progress since then. I’ve managed to write something each day for almost 3 weeks as I document how Kindness is changing my life.

I know that things will get repetitive, especially in the beginning, but I’m sure I’ll do better as time goes on. Each day I feel a renewed sense of purpose, and a keen desire to write. My new practice of simply writing down an idea for a blog post, and then coming back to fill it out later is working for me.

I resisted the urge to set a word count. Sone writers claim it helps them, but at this point in my writing career, a word count would only put pressure on me to fill in gaps with words just to reach that limit. I know that Medium, a great platform for writers, actually vets each submitted article and predicts how long it will take the average reader to go through the article. I’m surprised that almost all submissions seem to be less than 5 minutes. That just goes to show that it isn’t the quantity of words, it’s the quality of words that really matters.

Focusing on Kindness has given me a completely new set of priorities. I no longer troll through social media, internet on finding the right place to be snarky. That time now goes to writing as well as just living life. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.

I’m going to keep working towards writing full-time. Perhaps I’ll get noticed, perhaps not. I just remember that I write for myself more than for anyone else. I don’t worry about stats, only better writing will improve those numbers.