Kindness Journey – Day 13

As I try to become a better writer, it is important that I recognize how important it is to read the writings of other people, and to appreciate the value that they give to me as I write. Some people amaze me by writing something interesting , informative, and entertaining every single day. Others demonstrate their mastery of language by writing poetry about everyday things and events. A few people offer keen insights on the issues of the day. I appreciate them all.

I hope that I am a better writer than when I started this blog many years ago. There have been periods when I didn’t write at all, and I wish now that I had. At times, this blog has served as a diary, as an outlet for my emotions over the cruelty and injustice of the world , and now it reflects my Journey to Kindness.

If someone ever took the time to read this blog from the very first post they would find a complicated and confused individual, but aren’t we all? I finally feel like my writing has a purpose, and that wouldn’t happen without reading and appreciating the writing of others.

Life can be lonely and cruel at times, but we’re never really alone. Someone has written about the same problem or crisis, and how they overcame it.

I love reading what others write. I hope that in the future, others will enjoy reading what I write as well.

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