Kindness Journey – Day 11

We’ve all heard the old saying about Karma, and it is 100% accurate. One of the reasons I chose to embrace Kindness is because I have experienced karma firsthand based on being an unhappy person in the past.

Karma is a funny thing; such a simple idea to be good and do good, so that good will come back to you. Karma isn’t always instantaneous; it can take a long time to feel its effects. Please make no mistake; karma will have its way with us.

Therefore, it is best to practice Kindness so that positive karma will return to you. Being kind doesn’t cost anything; it rids us of toxic negativity. Kindness changes the way we see others; we become less judgmental toward people. Service brings happiness to us, and that reflects on those around us.

Karma is the equalizer. It balances out the good and the bad for each action. If we are kind, we get kindness in return. Life is not a 50-50 balance of good and evil unless we make it so. We can be overwhelmingly good if we choose.

5 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Even though I’m not feeling well, I’m alive.
  2. We got everything done yesterday regarding the new apartment.
  3. Hal The Cat continues to improve. He hasn’t thrown up in nearly a week.
  4. We have more than enough food here to last several days.
  5. I’m still focusing on Kindness.

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