Kindness Journey Day 6 – 19 May 2022 – Don’t add to the problem

Another thing about Kindness is making changes to your life that push away the negativity that prevents Kindness from taking hold. I seem to enjoy pointing out the media, but they feed the negativity monster each and every day.

In the past, I was so consumed by the news that I lost track of my humanity. I thought I knew all the answers, but that most people were too dense to see the truth. I spent my time reinforcing my beliefs rather than letting Kindness into my life. I wanted to be one of those clever people from Twitter who get quoted on TV, obviously that never happened.

I became surly and short-tempered. My instinct was to attack and criticize anyone who dared disagree with me. I ridiculed others. Where was the Kindness in that?

Being Kind means not being a part of the problem. Kindness is it’s own path for each of us. The choice is necessary, but never easy. I see why going with the crowd is so seductive. The hive mind soothes our fears and provides a false sense of calm. However, that same hive mind also comes with a very limited set of coping mechanisms and responses. Lashing out at the unfamiliar and different just occur naturally to the hive mind.

Don’t be part of the problem. Be Kind.

5 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Hal The Cat. Although he is still sick, I’m grateful that he still shows nothing but live and affection.
  2. My own experience with opening up to Kindness.
  3. The start of a new day.
  4. Music to occupy my troubled mind.
  5. Everyone I interact with.

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