Kindness Journey Day 4 – 17 May 2022

Kindness is a Journey as much as a destination. Without constant focus and usage, Kindness becomes just another empty word. How we employ Kindness in our daily lives is the first step on the journey.

When I see that something terrible has happened in this crazy, mixed-up world, I feel sad and I want to do something to make things better. Actually, this is my first mistake. I should resist the urge to act, or lash out blindly, and THINK. How can I make a difference?

Can I accomplish anything on my own, or does it require cooperation with others? Alone I might be powerless, but working with others can move mountains.

Reacting without thinking is the path to anger and hatred. It breeds arrogance and intolerance.

I know that each day is a new exercise in Kindness. It is up to me how I respond to the world around me. Setting my own expectations is the key to success. Not letting the world control me, but not trying to control the world either. I have to know my boundaries and not exceed them. Compromise with the world on the grand stage is all I can do.

Disappointment is a part of life. Dealing with it determines if we are happy or not. Happiness has a direct influence on Kindness, so along with setting expectations, we must be prepared for disappointment. Don’t let a setback ruin your day. Think before you act. Be in charge, and don’t simply respond to setbacks or disappointment by lashing out.

These are a few of the things I’m discovering on my Journey to Kindness.

Things I’m grateful for today

  1. Sunshine
  2. Trapping a huge bee inside the apartment and setting it free outside as an act of Kindness
  3. Hal The Cat is feeling better after a particularly rough night
  4. Remembering to think of the things I’m grateful for
  5. Hal (person), my partner of more than 22 years