Kindness Day 3

I’m starting a new routine today. As part of my shift to Kindness, it’s appropriate that I have a good reference point to start from. I may repeat myself, but here we go.

I am done with Twitter. I deactivated my account, the first step towards deleting it permanently. I have no regrets about my decision. Twitter joins Facebook in the dumpster of my past mistakes. I have a great life without those things. Twitter and Facebook just took time away from reality.

I have more time now that my Twitter addiction has ended. I can do other things that are productive and beneficial, such as exercising or reading or practicing guitar. These things mean a lot to me. I spend more time cooking than before, and trying

Five things to be thankful for today.

Being alive

Hal, my partner of more than 22 years

Hal, our oldest cat

The rain we had yesterday

The people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting via Mastodon

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